NEVER!KNOWS!BOOKS! The Mechaniconscious Portmanteau

P. Calavara spent Winter2009 underground studiously arranging lead type letter by letter, pulling illustrations and dilligently running an antique Vandercook proofing press to produce this work of art and literature. TMP is 4"x6" with 26 letterpress pages, 4 serigraphed illustrations and handbound with a beautiful Japanese stab-stitch, all done solely by the author.

The book exists in a limited edition of 50 copies, hand-numbered by the author of course, and represents hundreds of hours of work, plus, y'know, great literature.

Copies are available for purchase in person for only $25 or through our webshop for $27 (cuz o' shipping).

The Mechaniconscious Portmanteau

For the true discerning collector, framable test prints and extra illustrations from the book are available for only $15 direct from the author, but, like, you gotta already own a copy of the book and then find a way to initiate contact or see us in person. That's just how things role.